Thursday, May 19, 2011

Deceit + Food Stamps = Arrrrgh

I don't consider myself a political person.
I might voice my opinion at a discussion at the lunch table amongst my fellow teachers, but other than that, I don't normally go out of my way to say much of anything politically related.

I also don't normally speak about my dad.
He basically fell out of my life when my parents divorced when I was 7 and was only in my life when my mom made the effort for us kids to see him.

But the recent news article about the Michigan lottery winner still being on food stamps hit home for me.

No... my dad wasn't a millionaire.
Not even close.
But he did use the system.

You see... my dad was termed paranoid schizophrenic.
Most people when they hear this term automatically think of someone who hears voices which in turn make them paranoid.
That was not my dad.
My dad had the other symptoms, like anxiety, being delusional, and being extremely angry and violent.  He was physically abusive to my mother. He always believe someone was out to get him.

When he was on his meds, however, he was perfectly fine...capable of functioning a normal every day life.
But when he would miss a dose, he would tell my mom that the doctors were just out to get him, to drug him, and to make him forget his real self... and most of the time she was somehow in on it (because she was a nurse.)

You see... my dad is like this guy because both are abusing the system.

My dad, because he is termed mentally disabled, gets disability from the state.
Don't get me wrong.  He is mentally unstable, but only when he isn't on his meds.
When he was on his meds, he was very successful adjunct English professor.
Yet, because he chose not to take his meds, he has taken advantage of the free hand-out for the last 30 years from the state... and that really pisses me off!

To me, if you are capable of taking care of yourself and make your own money (or if you win the lottery and don't need the money) then you should not be eligible for a hand-out!  There are plenty of people out there that actually need the help.

It makes me so mad just thinking about it... which is why I stay away from political things like that.  I'd rather surround myself with positives.

So... enough of my soapbox... who wants ice cream?


  1. Ah Dawn I think your father and mine were cut from the same I'd like some ice cream too please.

    Hm what flavour am I in the mood for today?? Coconut cream pie or chocolate or banana cream pie, or strawberry...we may be here a while, best pull up a chair and get comfortable.

  2. The system and how to work. Sadly, it's the American way.


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