Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh Canada!

I went on another date last night... with someone new.

I know. I know...I was having enough problems juggling The Fireman and B.P., but I am coming to realize that neither one fulfills all that I am looking for in a guy.

So when Canada (What??!!  He's from Canada) asked me out, I couldn't say no.  He clarified that since he is freshly out of a divorce, he doesn't want to move fast.  That he wants a friend to hang out with first.  I'm great with that... it's what I know.

He took me to a really fancy restaurant above a Hilton hotel. 
Now let me tell you, I was raised with manners... and a little small town class, but I was not raised with going to highfalutin restaurants. 
Don't get me wrong... I know which fork is for what.
But here, at this restaurant, after they brought you your steak, they did a "presentation of the knives."
WTF is that?
I know.  That's what I thought!!
It is where they bring out a tray of knives and they "present" each one... telling you the handle weight and the type of blade... and then after all of that, you must decide which knife is right for you.

The pressure was lessened for me when Canada belted out a bit of laughter during the "presentation."
Maybe the rich know something special about knives that I don't... but thankfully, Canada saw the humor in this "presentation" like I had, and we had quite the laugh afterwards.

The restaurant concierge came around several times.  The strange part there was that he looked like a young version of this guy (Mr. Six Flags):

...Which just gave us another reason to belt out into laughter.
I had SO wanted to get my picture taken with him!!  Canada told me he was more than willing to do it, (I love it when a guy will play along with my crazy ideas) but the concierge must have overheard our little plan, because he didn't ever come back around after that.

For dessert, Canada graciously ordered me the 7-layer chocolate cake.
Of course, I had seen it featured in a magazine ...and it was the only reason I knew the name of this restaurant.
He (not being a sweet eater) told me I could enjoy it on my own.
After the plate-sized piece was put in front of us, I encouraged him to at least take one bite.
Being gracious, he sliced off a large piece for me and a small piece for himself.
Within seconds, Canada proceeded explain how he never quite understood how chocolate could evoke emotion out of people... but after eating this, he now fully understood! (Needless to say, he had seconds :)

Here is my picture of the delicacy... NOT doing justice to it at all!! (I mean, I was in a dim lit restaurant using my horrible phone camera.)

(Loving you all... I wanted you to get the full affect of what I experienced... so I looked up the magazine article.)

After dinner was over, we weren't ready to call it a night.
So, we headed to the hotel bar.
We were the only ones there and I quickly realized that it reminded me of this scene from The Shining:
Canada also recognized the resemblance and we decided we could do without a nightcap.

As we headed back to our cars, Canada was expressing to me how he wasn't ready for the night to end.
He had been talking about his new car (a 2011 Ford Mustang GT) earlier in the evening... so I asked if I could get a ride in it.

Let me just tell you, I'm not really a car junkie.
I don't know stats of any kind.
I don't know about horsepower or torque.
...But what I do know is a car, like that, can go fast!!
...and I love to go fast!!

Canada didn't mind showing off what his little red beauty could do either!
So, for the next half hour I sat giddy as a school girl going well over 100 mph at times.

I had honestly decided there weren't any decent men with decent jobs in my area of the universe.
Canada might have proved me wrong.

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  1. Sounds like a great time! Many good points about this date. The desert looks really yummy.


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