Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Storms that hit TOO close to home

I have grown up around tornado prone areas... I know what to do when they hit.
I know what they are like... what kind of damage they can do.
But I have never actually been through one...Thank the dear Lord!

The tornadoes that hit Sunday night in Joplin, MO affected many of my family and friends.
I spent the evening calling/texting/FBing to ensure all that I love and hold dear were safe.
Thankfully, I can report that they are.
Many had damage of some sort to their homes, but their lives were spared.

Some families were not so lucky.
The death count is now at 122.
One being the grandmother of one of my students.
There is no comfort that I know to offer besides a hug.

My janitor's daughter was at work at the Wal-mart that was flattened.

She called him and his wife when the tornado was 5 minutes out to say good-bye and that she loved them... a phone call I don't know if I could have handled and kept a clear head about.
But my janitor did.
He told his daughter to go to the bathroom and to hug a toilet.
That advice saved her life and 8 other women.

This all hit too close to home for me.
Then I watched  listened to this video and I lost it. (*WARNING: Even though the video is poor, the audio is overwhelming!!  Listen with caution.)

I will hug my boys a little tighter...I will hold them a little longer... and I will continue to thank the dear Lord for keeping the ones I love safe.

Please pray for all of those who have lost everything and ones they love.

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