Friday, May 6, 2011

Finding my voice - Friday Confessional


I confess...When I get stressed, I lose my voice. (I didn't have my voice a lot in college - a doctor attested it to polyps on my vocal chords.)

I confess...  I have been without a voice the past few days.

I confess...I tend to do many stressful things at once... that way I get them all out of the way at once.

I confess... When I was 24, I started a new job, bought a house, graduated from college, and got married all in the same week.

I confess... When I was 27, I found out about my ex's (R) infidelity, had my first son, and chose to fight for my marriage even though I was crushed inside.

I confess... When I was 29, I went to the closing of my new house while in labor with my second son.

I confess...When I was 31, I told the school (that I loved working at) that I needed to work closer to home, found a new job, and began the process of my divorce.

I confess... I didn't lose my voice during any of those times... in fact, I think they helped me find a voice I didn't know I had.

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