Sunday, January 30, 2011

I can't help it, it's just what I do... OR... Life lessons learned at the bar

Friday night I head out to dinner with my friend, Angela.
Due to the restaurant being so busy, we opted to sit at the bar.

The swirl of action around me is ideal.
I love to eavesdrop into other people's conversations... it gives me a wonderful sense of the world around me.
I begin listening into the conversation of the couple next to me.
I snicker to myself as the woman changes her drink order time after time after time... pretty much any time someone else at the bar orders something, her voice pops up and said, "I change my mind, I want that!"

It's something I would do... I'm that indecisive. (it's part of my DMD)
The woman changes her drink order again when someone orders a Strawberry-Mango Margarita.
I turn to her smiling and affirm her choice, "I've had that one before. It's a good one."
She nods, saying that she thinks she will stick with that one then.

I know that's what I need... affirmation... that I've made the right choice.... that because I chose this route instead of that one.... things aren't going to fall apart around me.

Of course, I'm not talking about drink orders here.
I'm talking about my life decisions.
Like... do I call the guy back that took me out this weekend... because he's not as tall as I would like him to be... and he's more quiet than I would like him to be... and... and...Am I just being too picky??

But then I think back to that couple at the bar... because see, I don't tend to just eavesdrop... I tend to also start up conversation.

(My bestie laughs at me for this because she says I have never met a stranger... and since I eavesdrop before hand, I can fall into their conversation like I was always there... it comes from all those years of being too shy to be participate in the conversations around me... but always taking it all in)

After Angela and I finished eating, I leaned over and asked the woman how she liked her drink. We quickly find out from her husband, that on their first date, he found out how much of a light weight she was... that a half glass of wine had made her flushed... and in her woozy state she said to him, "You're cuter now than you were before."

They laughed at the memory... smiling at each other.

Then the husband pulled out pictures of their baby saying, "I'm 40... I had given up on getting married and having kids... now I'll just be that dad that others mistake for the grandpa... but he is so worth it!"
The wife turns to him and lovingly leans in and kisses him.

So again, I ask, "Am I being too picky?"
I mean, think...
What if he had taken her woozy statement to heart?
What if she would have thought he was too old to start a family with?

But they didn't... instead they sat next to me in a bar, 3 years after they had met, smitten with one another and overjoyed to share the happiness that embodied them as a couple.

So... how do I get there?

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  1. It will happen when its time.
    Have you tried joining a gym?


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