Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Trees without roots fall over

I love my family!
When we get together and it seems as if no time has passed.
We laugh.
We joke.
We endure each other's quirks.

Time continues to change all of us... especially the size of our families... and I love it!

You can ask anyone.
I love babies.
I always have.
A baby starts to cry and everyone else immediately looks for its momma;
I say, "Hand 'em over."

(Not that we had any problems with this beautiful boy!)

This weekend was my cousin's (Andrew) baby's baptism.
His five siblings and their spouses and their families were all here.

I always seem renewed after I see everyone.
Maybe it's knowing there's acceptance there.

It's been hard since my divorce.
The definition of family had to change for me.
My ex, R., always tells me, "We will always be family, even though we aren't married."

Originally, that was hard for me to hear or accept... because, in my eyes, family doesn't hurt you like he hurt me.
But I know know he is right.
We have two beautiful boys.
I am thankful that he is their father because he does a wonderful job at that!
...and because of that we will forever be linked... family.

I guess spending this weekend with all my cousins made me realize that... that having acceptance and love... forever having a connection ...is what family is all about.


  1. Your so right family is everything.
    I know kids dont get that till later. but it is so important. Family will ALWAYS be there for you.No matter what.

  2. The quirks are the best part....I totally agree! And babies make it all that much sweeter!

  3. oooh, what a warm squishy post with a bonus baby pic! so cute.

    so i changed my url and apparently am not smart enough to alert the presses...but it's


    if you wanna come see me.


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