Friday, February 4, 2011

Solitude is often the best society... for cleaning

I have been stuck at home by myself since the blizzard hit.


(Thankfully, I'm getting the boys back today!)

Things that I would never normally consider doing on a day off have gotten done.
EVERY stitch of laundry complete ~ Check.
Adding on weight Baking something new each and everyday ~ Check.
Rewashing dishes AGAIN after previously stated baking ~ Check.
Scrubbing bathtubs and floors ~ Check.
Cleaning out the boys old and outgrown toys ~ Check.
Cleaning out the boys closets ~ Check.
Organizing bookshelves ~ Check.
Throwing out things I have been saving "Just in case" ~ Check.

Needless to say, I have kept myself BUSY!!
(I don't sit idle well)

Unfortunately the one thing looming in front of me I have not touched... my bag of ungraded papers.
There's supposed to snow again Monday, right?

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  1. I made it a point to catch a ride with a co-worker just so I wouldnt have to stay home another day.

    On a side note, comcast has a whole section of free work out videos.

    just sayin
    it kept me busy


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