Sunday, December 26, 2010


Sure... my DMD (Decision Making Disorder) gets in the way of my every day life.

"What are you having? "
"I don't know what are you having? ...Oh, well that sounds good. Sure, I'll have that as well."

"What movie do you want to see?"
"I'll let you pick this time."

"What do you want to do later?"
"Anything fun."

Yeah... I have gotten pretty good at covering for it.
I now ask the question to make the other person answer first... that way I know don't have to make the decision.

Unfortunately, my DMD doesn't just happen with small decisions in my life... it falls into the BIG ones as well.

Like my new car.
It took me almost 2 years to decide that it was actually time to buy a new car... and then after I decided to buy a new car... it took me another year to decide which car I wanted.
But once I decide... my mind is made up.
The decision is final.
There is no looking back.
There is no regret.

So here I am at a crossroad of dating...
I could jump in with both feet.
The Professor is head over heels for me.
But then B.P. has decided he wants in the ring too...

I know B.P.
...and he knows me.
It's a comfort thing.

But the Professor is playing the game well.
He is very attentive.
I need someone who is.

So... yeah... my DMD is kicking in big time.
For all of you that wondered where my normal freaking out is... well, it has finally decided to rear its ugly head.

I like the Professor, I really do.
B.P. knows all about him.
He told me that he will respect my relationship with him... but then he tells me in the same breath, "...there is so much potential for us. We already know we are good friends..."

So, I am ready... ready for my feet to warm up and make a decision.
I'm ready to be in that place where I know I did the right thing and don't have any fear of looking back.
...unfortunately my DMD has kicked in.


  1. What are the chances of playing both sets of cards until you can make a decision. Since The Professor is new I think he deserves more time.

  2. Why make the decision now? Why be exclusive with someone when there is no commitment being offered?


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