Monday, January 3, 2011

How much can change in a year...

Looking back to last year at this time, I was in total angst... inner turmoil as to how I should move forward with my life.

The man I loved was giving me the silent treatment... mad over the fact that after I had spent a week with him (away from my children), and I wanted to hurry home to my children.

This past year has taught me many things...
It has taught me to NOT settle... That I deserve the best, especially in how someone treats me.
It has taught me that I have self worth... and that only I determine how highly I rank that.
It has taught me that living life is worth every second... and the people you surround yourself with are the most important thing of all.

I am happy to say that this year began with a smile on my face, with a man who is doing everything in his power to make me feel special, and an inner contentment that is better than anything else.


  1. What a great beginning!

    SO happy for you.

  2. That is so wonderful, Dawn! Happy 2011.

  3. hope the rest of your 2011 is just as happy!


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