Saturday, January 15, 2011

It pays to be honest, but it's slow pay

I guess you could say my honesty has gotten the best of me.
I tell the guys I date that I am honest.
I tell them that the one thing I want is for them to be ...honest with me.

I haven't found it yet.
The Professor always told me that he had no "governor"... that he was honest to a fault.
Yet, he told me he would never read my blog, but he did.

This past week I have gotten lines... reasons why he can't talk to me.
I think they are partially true, but not completely.
I'm not dumb or stupid.

I know excuses when I hear one.
(I mean I teach third graders for Pete sake!)

So I find myself shutting down.
Walking away.


  1. That sucks. This is the exact reason I made my blog completley anonymous. : (

  2. Oh man...I am sorry to hear about all of this. So was HE the aim of your "privacy please" post? Ugh......

  3. It was a stone thrown at two birds... both needing THAT message sent to them, but, yes, HE was one of the two birds.


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