Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It happens in the shower...

Some of my best thinking, that is.
Serious. It does.

This morning, I came up with this...
"Lying is like an unraveling sweater... the more you string it out the BIGGER it becomes."

Profound, isn't it?

Where do you do your best thinking??


  1. Thats kinda funny. 1) yes I do believe that lies are a bad thing and only turn into bigger lies.

    2) I also do most of my thinking/praying in the shower. Its the only time during the day I have completely and totally alone.

    : )

  2. I do my best thinking while reading your blog, saying to myself "man, i am dlad that isn't happening to me!" (then i realize it does happen to me and i laugh a little:)

  3. The only praying i do in the shower is for forgiveness....

    I meant to say, although because I am of the male persuasion, and my brain shuts off soon as the kids go to bed, which happens to be right when the(all) females brain begins to turn on overdrive and she wants to discuss every major issue conceivable, and even more so the later at night it gets (why do you guys do that). It is ironic because I am unable to coherently organize an intellectual thought, untill midnight. Yep, that's when I write all my blog posts and journals. Can't define why, but that's when I am most creative or inspired. Sort of annoying really.


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