Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What I can't tell her

My friend Angela's mother passed away this weekend.

Tomorrow is the funeral.
I won't be attending.
I went and stayed with her during the visitation.
That was hard enough.

You see... What I can't tell her is ...that it sucks!

It sucks to not have your mom there.

It sucks to feel like no one else in the world would understand... but you know your mom would, and there is no direct line to that person any more.

It sucks when you dream that dream that her death wasn't real... because when you wake up, it is.

It sucks that whenever you hear of some one's loved one, especially their mom dying, a little bit of you re-dies all over again.
... and even though you want to be there for them, emotionally it just kills you!

It sucks that you personally know the pain... the unreeling pain... that they are experiencing.
...and there is nothing that you (or anyone else for that matter) can do to take that pain away.

But see... I can't tell her that. Not now.
For now, she has to experience it first-hand.
...and that sucks!


  1. It does suck! Thank you for being here for me tonight. You are an amazing friend to relive this through my experience. I love you for being here for me and that makes it suck just a bit less. Love you!

  2. I can only imagine. I am not ready to lose either of my parents just yet.

  3. I am sorry to you and to your friend.


  4. UGH i'm so sorry for your friend and for you. I can't even think about the days when i lose anyone close again.

  5. But you can offer her something that many people can't. The silence and support of knowing how she feels. And sometimes, when you can't have what you really want, that's the best comfort you can receive.


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