Sunday, September 26, 2010

Klingons are NOT my favorite...

So, I went on a second date with this guy.
The first coffee date went fine. He by no means blew me out of the water, but he didn't make me want to run for the hills either.

Then the texting started.
He started telling me about the imagined life he saw of us spending together.

Now, mind you, we had just had coffee. Nothing else. No hanky panky. No hand holding. No kissing. Nada! Just Coffee!!!

We had already made plans for a second date before all of the explicit text began arriving... and I'm not really someone who backs out on a commitment, so I decided it would be fine. We would go on our date and I could clear up the fact that he was moving way too fast. Also, he has a teenage daughter and he had told me that she would be joining us. That might freak some people out, but actually I was relieved because I figured he wouldn't try anything with his teenage daughter there, would he??

Saturday arrived... and I can honestly say I wasn't excited for my date, but I had decided I would make the best of this situation. This is where I should have just stopped myself and turned and walked away. I mean, if your not excited for a date before it happens... it probably shouldn't happen, right?

But I suppose I am a glutton for punishment...

So as I'm getting ready, he texts me that his daughter had spent the night at a friend's house and had decided to make it a double nighter, so it would just be the two of us. Again, this should have made me excited to spend alone time with him... but, it didn't.

I arrive at his house. (don't worry... his address was given to my friends with strong husbands with the instructions to call and check in on me and if I didn't respond to "Come find me!!!" ~ hey a gal can never be too careful these days!)

He cooked dinner.
We went and played putt putt.
I definitely did not play my best game as he tried to get all handsy... and despite me continuously removed his hands, he didn't get the message.

We went back to his house. He wanted us to watch a movie.
I told him that my friends expected me at a certain time.

He acted shocked! "I was kinda hoping you'd stay here."

Whoa! Buddy! Obviously you don't know me at all!!!
"No. That will definitely NOT be happening!! "

"But why???"

I politely explained why... he still didn't get it.

Yeah... I left shortly there after. He could tell he had crossed a line. ...Or at least I thought he could.

This morning I get a text.
He told me he wished he was waking up next to me and asked me if I would come watch the game with him today.

I decided I would clear the air of any fogginess that might still be lingering in his brain.
So, I called him and told him that we would not be seeing each other again.
"Okay, well I have to get in the shower."

"Wow... That was too easy!" I thought to myself.

Two minutes later, I got a text. "So will I be hearing from you again?"
Me: No.
Him: Well, keep my number. I'll erase yours. Future contact should probably be initiated by you.

WTF... do guys just not get it? I had just verbally and through text told him I would not be contacting him... why would I need to keep his number??

Me: I will not be contacting you.
Him: I just don't want to lose you.

Again... he would have had to have had me first in order to lose me... Maybe I don't understand this whole dating thing... am I missing something here??


  1. OMG! I JUST now got your title. I honestly kept waiting for a Star Trek reference. LOL! Oh, man, you really do have some weird dates. I do love hearing about them, though. Who ARE these guys? Don't they remember how quickly THEY would have run for the hills if WE had been so quick to jump into a relationship? Desperate, you think? (Of course, you ARE quite a catch, Dawn. No mistake about it.) But with this guy...RUN, FORREST, RUN!

  2. That is a little creepy. But I think it is awesome that you could be straight forward with him that it wasnt going anywhere.

    Good for you!


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