Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I don't know if I would call it a SUPER power...

So I am discovering that I have this strange "power" over men.
When I meet them, I guess I give them this overwhelming sense of familiarity and comfort.
Guys tend to tell me way more than they should.
I tend to get, "I feel like we have known each other forever."

They show all the cards they have been dealt and then some.
Sometimes this honesty is nice.
But other times it is overwhelming.

Like I would never reveal on a first date my financial problems (if I had any).
I would also never tell them that I could see us in a relationship together... even if I felt it, I wouldn't say it after our first date.

My friend Laura says it is because I know how to "just hang" with guys. I look at them when they are talking and since I don't act nervous, they feel this "instant" connection.

But these "instant" connections make me want to hyperventilate.
I feel like they are quickly moving forward when I just want to enjoy the here and now.
It makes me put up my walls because if I don't put on the brakes, then who will?

I just want to know am I wrong for not wanting to go with the flow of these "instant" connections? Am I missing out on something?


  1. I would guess not, but it depends on your past experiences with men and what they have wanted to get out of this "comfyness" with you.

    Then again, some guys are just more comfortable talking to women then men because they don't have that need to fit in with them, so we just open up.

  2. I have a alot of male friends, cause I am easy going and not up tight about topics.

    AS for spilling too much too soon. That would freak me out.

  3. Ahem...uh, yeah well generally speaking about guys, I will tell you that when we meet a girl and she acts the way you are describing you do, all nice and forward and wants to hang out for a while and chat, well that gives them the impression that he has a chance to score. If you truly just want to get to know him and be friends down the line, that's fine. But initially you need to expect that he will think he has a chance to score....naturally. Eventually he will get the hint, then let the friendship proceed.

    See, guys have it tough out there. We meet a girl, and 9 out of ten times they mostly ignore us after a few polite plesentries, because they naturally know we are always looking for the next score(generally speaking of course). So when one comes along that actually stops and hangs out, we're all over it like a fat kid at an all you can eat buffett.


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