Thursday, September 2, 2010

What Goes Around, Comes Around

I'm always up for a good practical joke...
I have been known to help one come about without a hitch...

I mean I had my friend Laura gathering people to go cow tipping.
I, of course, couldn't follow all the way through on that one... cause she was excited to go and I didn't want to get arrested.

It's all in good fun though, right?

Well...Today, my secretary got me good!

I have lost 3 students since the beginning of the school year, so I knew I would be up for any new move-ins.

Today, my secretary called me into the office to tell me I would be getting two new students on Tuesday, twins... one boy and one girl. She wanted to prepare me by letting me know that the mom had told them that they were both on ADHD meds.


I head to take my kids to recess.
As I walk my class down to lunch, she calls me back to the office window. She tells me that they just got the kids files. That she knew that the mom wasn't telling revealing everything and now that they read the files, they have found that the little boy is very defiant... and when he gets mad, he poops his pants... which happens a lot!

Let me just tell you... as a teacher, this is your worst nightmare!!
Poop is the all that ends all!

I couldn't enjoy my lunch.
My morning had not gone smoothly... some of my boys were trying to push my buttons... and the thought of adding another difficult boy (a pooping boy on top of that) was pushing me very close to my breaking point.

An hour later, I take my students to Art class.
I stopped by the office.
I plead my case...."Please tell me you are joking!!!"
"I am!!"
My secretary bursts into bouts of laughter.

The stress level had been too much... I burst into tears.
My secretary (through her snickers) hugs me and tells me she didn't mean to make me cry.

The point is... it is pay back time!
I need any and all good practical jokes and pranks.

I mean she made me believe I was getting a pooper!!!!
Come on.... help me out here!


  1. hmmmm, sounds like a good time to have the kids help with a little prank. have one of them lay down on the floor and pretend they are having some kind of a problem. or not pretend, just you and the others gather round. hurry and plead for her to come to your room. then when she gets close enough "surprise" jumps everyone.

  2. oh man! I am so glad she was joking; i can't imagine the relief you must be feeling. I don't have any ideas on how to actually get her back, but I can suggest the timing of it. Wait a few months. Let her think you've forgotten. And then, when she's least expecting it...BAM!

  3. That is sooo funny. I love practical jokes.
    And a challange. I will sooo help you come up with something really good to get her back.

    Cause your right NO ONE wants a pooper!

    Have an awesome weekend.


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