Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Accessing Prior Knowledge

I met a new guy on match.
From his profile, he meets the things on my list...

Christian... check
Tall enough... check
Family oriented... check
job... check

We emailed... then texted... and then we started talking.
All good... right?
Sure... if he isn't who I think he is.
See... he told me his job. It's not a job you hear of everyday.
He asked me if I knew any teachers from his town. (I do. I used to teach there.)

My brain starts reeling.
Who do I know that has had this job?... I know of someone...???

Then it clicks! I do know someone with this job...Someone that cheated on his wife with a former colleague of mine (she is someone I am no longer in contact, but she is one that I taught with from his town.) I never met the guy she cheated with...I just heard her swoon his name daily.

But his name isn't the name of the cheater... (I'm semi-relieved, but still not satisfied.) I mean, I don't always remember names... but if I heard the right name I know I would recognize it!

So, I head to bed last night not remembering the name of the cheater... but knowing it does not match his.

I wake up this morning with the answer... His name has a nickname... She(my colleague) called him by his nickname not his actual name.

I will not date a cheater!! I have been hurt by one before... and don't care to travel down that road again!!

So....How do I ask him without asking him?

I don't want to accuse... because I really don't know for sure this is the same guy!!
But I also don't think I would have put all of the connections together if he wasn't.
Maybe this is God's way of helping me out... keeping me away from these types of guys...

Call it curiosity... call it stupidity... call it what you will, but I decided I to keep his invitation for a date...

I decided that one question could answer all of mine.

He had mentioned briefly in a phone conversation that he knew some teachers.
So that was my one question...
"So, you mentioned you knew some teachers, what are the names of the teachers that you know?"
(An innocent question... that is if there is nothing to hide...)

He turned all shades of red, looked down at the table, and was quiet for quite some time. Then stumbling over his words as he said, " you know...uh... just the teachers my boys had in school."

Yeah... question answered.


  1. Oh my heck! I am glad you put it all together now and not later!

  2. What are the freakin odds. That sucks. I would not date a cheater either.

    I know from personal experience, that once a cheater always a cheater. : (

    So on to the next one. Ill pray for you that you meet the right guy.


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