Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Mean girls

False friends are like our shadow, keeping close to us while we walk in the sunshine but leaving us when we cross into the shade.

I have never been *that* girl... you know the one who was too good to be every one's friend~She picked and chose her friends... and also dropped them like an old habit when someone newer or more interesting came along. She was a bully, but everyone "loved" her (mainly so they wouldn't become her target).

You know those girls.... I know you do!

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Well... I thought I had left those girls behind when I graduated high school.

It's not like I tried to be friends with them back then.
In fact, they kinda disgusted me... how fair-weathered they were to people, yet everyone still kissed their a**.

No, I was perfectly happy with my little group of girl friends. I knew I could rely on any of them no matter what! I could still call any of them up to this day and ask for help, and I know they would do their best to do what they could.

Do you think little Miss "Drop my 'friends' where ever I choose" could say that about her HS friends? Yeah...I think probably not.

Yet, here I am years out of HS and I'm having to deal with this HS drama of the "mean girl".

This is my fourth year at the school I am currently teaching at.
I was the "mean girl's" focus my first 2 years.
Thankfully, I met my bestie (Laura) and she helped me to stay strong through those two years.

Last year, her focus moved (just ever so slightly) to 2 other gals on our side of the hall.
They planned with Laura and I, and because of that, they were dropped from "the inner circle".

The year before they had planned with her... She didn't like the change.
So she turned on them.

This year, I thought the "mean girl" had taken a break.
She actually talks and laughs and jokes with me and Laura this year.
She invites us to share in the things she is doing.

(Trust me... I hadn't forgotten the past... just sighed a sigh of relief that things weren't so stressful amongst our grade level.)

Until today.

Today, I found out that the new teacher in our hall (I love her!! She makes me smile every day!) has become the "mean girl's" target.

Our newbie told me that she goes home and cries every day that she has interaction with the "mean girl" BUT that it is even worse on the days that the mean girl and her clan (yes. she has followers, just like in HS) don't even acknowledge her.

My heart just broke for her.
I tried to reassure her that I would be there for her.
...That the "mean girl" is like that to a lot of people.

But I know that doesn't make it any better or easier.

Tell me again why mean girls are allowed out of HS?


  1. good heavens. It must be running rampade today. Revolt I tell ya, post the picture of Nellie from Little House on the Prairie on their doors. PS: I probably have spelling errors. Please don't give me an F on my comment. :)

  2. And these are the same women that are teaching our kids how to treat others... Scary.

  3. That would freakin SUCK! I think I would have to turn mean myself and put said chick in her freakin place.

    That is just WRONG!


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