Thursday, September 2, 2010

One way to get the message across...

I typed the following back at the beginning of August, but then got freaked out.

Freaked out by who might be following my blog and waiting for recognition for their doings.

That fear is finally past (I think)... so I thought I'd share.

So... I got a fortune on my door frame... You know like you get in a fortune cookie.

It was attached with a paper clip... a paper clip that had one end sharpened and that sharpened end was FIRMLY pushed into my door frame so there was NO way it was going anywhere!

Now, I hadn't gone out my front door since the night "the new guy" and his daughter came to dinner that evening... so who knows how long it has been there.

I mean THAT was over a week ago!

So...Who do you think it was from?
Spencer? the new guy?

Also... did they leave it there meaning *I* will get what *my* heart desires??

Or what *their's* desires??
...and if it is their desires, what is their desire??

Yeah... I appreciate the message... but it also confuses me at the same time.

So after I typed this all out, and I was past the initial confusion, panic set in.

I mean, NOT a WHOLE lot of people know where I live.
I don't live right in the middle of town.
So for a message to be left on my door with a sharpened paper clip...yeah, it was purposeful... and I needed answers.

So, I turned to my trusty blog stat counter.

Sure enough, Spencer had been following my blog (though he thought anonymously).

He had began following on August 12th.
I figure he "delivered" the message on August 13th (his birthday).
I found it on August 14th.
He then emailed me on the 16th.

I didn't respond.

He continue to follow my blog daily until I posted this on the 19th.
I guess it pissed him off because he hasn't followed since.

But that's okay... cause I don't like little messages that freak me out!
(BTW... I will never look at fortune cookie messages the same way again...)

Also, FYI if you want to show a girl you like her... a sharpened paper clip is not the way to go... I don't care what the message is!

Just sayin'...

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