Friday, September 17, 2010

So I hate to be alone...

It's Friday.
I take off early to see the boys in the homecoming parade.
I head out to dinner with my friend Rachel.

We have an awesome time. We always do.
I'm not ready for the night to end.
I'm not ready to be alone.

We head out for coffee.
I try to talk her into a movie as well.
Her teenage daughter who is home "babysitting" her little brother is done.

Rachel says she has to go.
I tell Rachel it is fine.
We'll catch one another time.

I'm not ready to go home and be alone.
I head to the movie theater.
I have never went and watched a movie by myself... it is depressing.

There were only myself and 2 other couples in the theater.... that made it even more depressing.

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