Saturday, September 18, 2010

My life is a Lifetime Movie

So, Thursday, my ex calls me. He tells me that him and W. are done.
He explains all the drama that is going on in their relationship.
I lend a listening ear.
He then says that he thinks she has been cheating on him.

(Part of me thinks it is karma... but the other part of me feels sorry for him.)

He says "it's fine".

I stop him in mid-sentence.

I tell him it is not fine! Never once is someone cheating on someone else, fine!

He says he is sorry... that he knows he hurt me.

I blow it off and continue with my rant...
I wanted him to know someone cheating on him (even though he did it to me.) is not, nor never will be, fine.

Then, Friday, it is homecoming. My boys are in the homecoming parade. Their team is riding on a float. I am standing around taking pictures.

As the parade gets ready to begin, the driver of the truck asks me if I would like to ride up front so as to not be left behind.

"Sure." I say... The guy looks familiar. I "know" lots of people from the school that my ex teaches at... I just don't always "know" who they are. I'm guessing he must be a dad of one of the players...

He and I hold polite conversation. He mentions that maybe he should get together some hay bales and have a hayride later this fall. I respond with, "Yeah... that sounds like fun."

About that time, someone watching the parade shouts, "Hey Mike!" and waves.

Like a wrecking ball knocking me over, I realize whom I am sitting next to... W.'s dad.

My ex's girlfriend's (ex-girlfriend?) freakin' dad!!!!!!!!

Yeah... I'm sure there are people out in the world that are okay with all these cross connections... I'm not sure I am one of them.

Who wants the starring role in this Lifetime drama?? ...cause I don't.

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