Sunday, January 24, 2010

You might be a...

My friend, R. and I were talking on the phone tonight. She was telling me how she was overly conscientious of the fact that at work she has to stand a lot facing away from people... which means her backside is facing them.

When some college girls came in the other day, they were talking about their butts. So, R. (having seen these girls in before) mentioned her self-consciousness.

Today, when they came back in, they told her that they had been talking....and they agreed that she has a nice looking a$$!

So, R. and I started coming up with scenarios that we have experienced:

People might think you are a lesbian...

...if another female comments on your a$$

...if another female wants to buy your drink.

...if you are talking with your girlfriend at a bar and seem to be enjoying each other's company (yeah...who knew guys took two girls talking as playing for the other team??)

Have you ever had this experience??

Don't get me wrong...I am by no means a homophobe! But do I *heart* men!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I have actually gotten complements on how I fold my fitted sheets, but I can't do it consistently...geez. Have a great week! Btw I love the line in your profile, "I go to work everyday to teach (and sometimes raise) other people's children." Oh so true!

  2. ...if another female squeezes your arm when she tells you she likes your outfit. {shudder}
    Stopping by from SITS


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