Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I have fallen into that blah-ness of winter.
I want to get things done when I come home...but then it is already dark...and I have NO motivation.

Today (at school) was a really good day though! We had our monthly plan day...and so (of course) we got to sit around and gossip work and make each other laugh. This day was SO needed by me!

We all decided that we couldn't lose those last few pounds that we have all been hanging onto due to stress. Laura and I decided that means we are FAR overdue for a girl's night out...the other two(L. & M.) agreed... but said they are going to fight their bulge with a B12 shot that boosts your metabolism. One teacher has started it and has lost 30 lbs in 6 weeks.

I seriously don't think about weight that often...I worry more about being healthy than what the scale says. So I worry for L. & M. - Is it healthy to lose weight like this? And if they don't lose the stress will they just gain the weight back as soon as they stop getting the shots? Anyone with additional insight on these shots, I would love to hear it!

Today did remind me how much I love to laugh...I can remember back in high school laughing all through lunch every day. I wonder what we found SO funny back then? I just know it was not uncommon for milk to be spewed across the table...
I almost have that under control...


  1. I firmly believe that there is no shortcut to weight loss. It's math - consume fewer calories and move more. Says the woman eating chicken strips at lunch at her desk. Hey, just because I believe it in doesn't mean I practice it!

  2. I think I need to get that shot! That sounds so great : ) Did I tell you I came over from SITS? I didn't want you to think some creepy person was commenting.

  3. Why would you think of losing weight?! Look at ya, skinny pants! Also? I have no clue about the b12s

  4. Erin...I can remember back in HS when you moved more than me...I thought you were crazy! But you did always LOVE a bagel. LOL

    Thanks MOX! It's not so much losing weight as needing to get back into the right places.


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