Monday, January 11, 2010

Thinking of visiting Wisconsin??

I have been saving this one in the back of my brain for a day that I had nothing else to blog about...

Back in September the Wisconsin Tourism Federation changed its name that they had since 1979.

Why you might ask???

Well check out their initials...

I laughed so freakin' hard!

You see my brain IMMEDIATELY started coming up with slogans for them to utilize the unknown quinky-dink - like: "Why haven't you visited Wisconsin yet? WTF"

My brother lives in Wisconsin, so I immediately called him up to share my ideas.

He said he had never heard of the Federation before"...but then again...I live here." he said.

Since the Wisconsin Tourism Federation did not want to offend anyone once they learned of the true meaning of these initials,they are now known as:

Yeah...I don't have anything witty for them now. :(


  1. Pahahaha!!! Is that real? No one on the naming committee said, Um guys?

  2. I am so disappointed they changed it. I really think the other would have brought a lot more people to Wisconsin.


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