Friday, January 22, 2010

the squeezing in my head

Sorry all, that I haven't been blogging.

I have had a horrible headache almost ALL week.

Last Saturday, I went out with my friend Laura and we had some drinks.

On Sunday, I wasn't feeling the greatest and I attested it to the drinks from the night before....but it didn't end like a hangover should.

Monday and Tuesday I had a dull pain but nothing that I couldn't handle.

By Wednesday though, I felt as if someone had reached into the top of my head and had started to squeeze my brain into mush.
Light hurt.
Sound hurt.
...I hurt.

I'm not one to take lots of medicine (despite the fact that my mom was a nurse). If I can sleep it off, I will try. I went to bed right after my children.

Yesterday I was back to the dull ache.

This morning I was SOO relieved to wake up with no headache!

But now it is back.
...and I hurt.

So forgive me that I don't have some witty post to share with you.
I promise I will do better when my brain is no longer mush.

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