Wednesday, January 6, 2010

What I meant to Say...Wednesday

I so totally should have posted this earlier in revision to my earlier is my "What I meant to say..."

"I LOOOOVE having the road all to myself "

What I meant to say was...

"SEE ... NO one else and their brother is out risking their necks on the slick roads this morning! Why heck am I??? OH YEAH...cause I have school."

"I'm SO glad we are finally back in school today!"

What I meant to say was...

"Hey Mr. Superintendent! Yeah, you! Did you happen to notice that NO one in the surrounding area is having school but us? That would be because the roads are slick...slick I tell you!"


(to my students)"Of course we are going to be here at school tomorrow and Friday. I mean we are here today aren't we?"

What I meant to say was...
"Please let it snow. Please let it snow...Oh please. oh please. oh please! I SO love sleeping in. I do! I do! I do!"

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