Sunday, January 17, 2010

We've got skillz!

My friend, Laura, and I headed out last night. It has been almost 6 months since we went out for a girl's night out together. (Don't get me wrong...I go out on a girl's night almost monthly, I just haven't been out with Laura.)

Laura is the type of friend every person should have at least one of ~ She is that person who is overly blunt and will tell you exactly how it is. She isn't blunt to be mean. She's just blunt. She also grew up in the ghetto and isn't afraid of anything! (at least none of the things I'm scared of.) She's a great person to have along while walking down a dark alley. lol

Laura is also the person who taught me the "Rules of Dating". So when we go out, she makes sure we follow Rule #3. We do this by deciding that we will only pay for our first round of drinks. We have gotten pretty good at it over the last year and a half of me dating, (Laura is happily married...she's just my wing-man) but last night was the best!

We started out by getting dinner ...and solving all the problems of the world...till the restaurant wanted to close and did everything but kick us out.

Then we headed to a dance club. We went here the last time we went out.

They remembered us. How weird is that?

Two girls that don't frequent a place but every 6 months and they remember you? Needless to say, we were impressed!

They didn't make us pay the cover. They remembered that last time we came we wanted to check the place out before we paid the I guess they didn't even bother to ask us this time around. Also, last time, to ensure we stuck around, they bought our drinks.

The bartender remembered us as well.

As people all around us came up with cash in hand and paid for their drinks as they received them, we sat down and were served our drinks without question of needing to pay. The manager even came by to make sure we "were being taken care of".

After two rounds though, we realized that not much was going to be happening there. We asked the manager if he were not working 'where would he be tonight?' He mentioned a bar across town.

(Note to all: if you have an establishment and someone asked you a question like that...the correct answer is always your own establishment!)

So we left and headed across town. When we walked in, we said to the bartender, "We want to check our coats." This bar did not have a coat check. We stood there without question. The bartender shrugged his shoulders and took our coats placed them behind the bar.

He then asked what we were drinking. We placed our drink orders. He decided that he was going to add his own little twist to Laura's common drink. It wasn't bad, just not the norm. So when he said to Laura, "Your drink will be $5." She replied, "I'm not paying for this, it isn't what I ordered." and he said, "Okay."

Really? Does that really work?...'cause it did last night.

So I said to him, "Well, if she doesn't have to pay for her drink, than I don't want to pay for mine either." and he said, "Oh.... yours was already on the house."

What? That worked too? ...okay.

By the time it was time to close, Laura and I walked out without dropping a dime for drinks or cover.

Needless to say, we were very proud of ourselves....that and we've got skillz!

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