Thursday, January 7, 2010

Flatterers look like friends, as wolves like dogs.

You'd think I'd be flattered....but I'm not.

I love that I have new followers to my is it wrong of me to NOT want ex-girlfriends of my current boyfriend to follow my blog?

To me, it's's kinda stalker-ish.

I don't know if they follow because they want to know if and when we are on the verge of a break-up (Not that I would post that on here anyways!) so they can swoop in and take him off my hands? ain't happenin' ladies! SO BACK OFF! He's MINE!

You might wonder how I know one of his exes is following...
I have a tracker on my blog. It tells me where in the world I have readers coming from.

I thought it interesting... Until I couldn't place one location that was popping up repeatedly saying it was coming from my facebook page. I kept thinking I must know this person! I searched high and low for someone I knew from that location. I then mentioned it to Spencer. "Oh...I know someone from there." he said. He then contacted her on fb and asked if she was following my blog. "Yeah." she said. weird is that?

I mean it's weird enough that my ex-husband follows my blog...something about me being funny and a good writer...(compliments from him will get him no where...) but do I have to have other people's exes too??


  1. That is bunk, yo. OMG I would HATE that something fierce. GAH! Must. do. something.

  2. Well, just so you know I'm following you because the AMAZING Michelle Farmer sent you my way and I am never breaking up with her!!! heehee But, I will continue to read because you ARE very funny and a great writer.

  3. My dear friend, you cannot help it that you are an amazing person who is quite entertaining. But I do agree with you that is very stalker like. Let's get together soon.

  4. That's creepy.. I'd certainly feel uncomfortable. After your boyfriend confronted his ex, did she go away? Or give any explanation?

    Again.. joys of Facebook.

    Stopping by from SITS!

  5. I think we live in a culture of curiosity about other people, what with Facebook and all. But yeah, maybe that's a bit odd.

  6. Oh yea...I know that all too well. Not exes but family - same shiz.

    Sorry boo. Something needs to be done. Me and Mox will take em out. We know people - and also she does Tae Bo., that's me.



  7. I'd love for the ex to make a comment...who broke up with who, btw?

  8. That's kinda lame on her part, but that's also the flipside to blogging. You really can't control who reads your stuff when you put it out there. (And I can say that because I get some PERVY strangers visiting my blog...)


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