Friday, September 2, 2011

What are you fighting for? - Friday Confessional


I confess... I'm surviving my year so far without having my bestie, Laura, next door to me.
I confess... that, without her though, I am a lone wolf.
I confess... that I am doing my best to "fit in" with the "others"... but it always seems fake and surfacey.
I confess... I'm not a fake and surfacey type of gal.

I confess... that my ex and I have been fighting.
I confess... this is not normal for us.
I confess... I don't like it... but I don't like to be steamrolled either.

I confess... I haven't cut my hair since May.
I confess... I thought it would be awful.
I confess... I actually have liked all the different styles I have tried so far.
I confess... I have gotten LOTS of compliments.
I confess... I wish it would grow faster.

I confess... my birthday is less than a week away... and I'm stoked!!

I confess... my besties are throwing a party for me at my house. Theme suggestions anyone??
I confess... I haven't had a birthday party thrown for me since I was 22.
I confess... My mom threw my last party for me.
I confess... I have missed having birthday parties.

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  1. Well what about a Candy Party, or a Casino Party? Or maybe an 80's party, or a really fancy party (black tie/red carpet) However if you just want a game party or very fun game to play at a party you should play quelf if you like acting silly.


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