Friday, September 9, 2011

A Series of Unexpected Events ~ Friday confessionals


I confess... that the past week has been filled with unexpectedness.

I confess... that these arrived to my classroom a week before my birthday. Needless to say I was surprised.

I confess... I wasn't sure as to what to think when I saw this do... but have decided that I won't be doing it any time soon...

I confess... I don't just <3 my bestie, but her daughter and hubby as well....

I confess... this day could not come soon enough for me...

I confess... removing a frozen bag of corn from a hot burner doesn't bode well for a clean kitchen... or the attempt to make tacos quickly.

I confess... going out with friends to a comedy club = just as many laughs before the show as during.

I confess... two lost teeth in a week's time reminds me how fast they are growing...

I confess... it made me sad when I was no longer needed for the water slide.

I confess... I have the best group of students this year!!

I confess... that my allergies had me coughing SO bad that the only relief I found in the house was this...

I confess... even though I am still fighting the urge to "run", I thoroughly enjoyed getting a special dinner made for me and my fav. chocolates for a b-day present. (the red velvet cupcakes were yummy too!)

I confess... I'm finally getting used to my "longer" hair... Whadda think??


  1. Wow some great highlights from your week! Except for maybe the corn all over the stove.
    We are headed to a comedy show on Saturday night.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Happy belated birthday!

  2. That's good you have a cool group of students. I teach college freshmen and, so far, they're really sort of awful. But I must persevere! Happy Friday.

  3. I've done the burner thing with a potholder on it--the smoldering thing stunk up the kitchen before I realized just where I'd set it.

  4. I love your longer hair! Very cute!

  5. I like your hair and this is the 2nd blog I have seen that someone received flowers this week! I think I missed out on something! Over here from Mamarazzi!

  6. Visiting from Mamarazzi. Love your hair. Ouch on the corn, though.


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