Monday, September 26, 2011

Cleaning can be dangerous to your health

First off, I have to tell you I am now officially addicted to Pinterest.
Be it new recipes, styles, funny sayings... I love them!!
But I have also found things for my home.

One thing I found was how to clean my microwave.
Half cup water and a half cup vinegar
Bring to a rolling boil
Easily wipe microwave clean.

Simple enough... right??

Well... if you have been reading me for any length of time, you know I can make even simple things go crazy wrong.

Yeah... this would be one of those times...
I put my water/vinegar mixture in a pyrex dish and put it in to boil...
It started bubbling.
I stopped it and started to wipe. (Normal right??  Just wait)

I then found a still stuck spot...
So I figured, "Eh... I'll just let it microwave a little longer."

What happened next, I would have never saw coming!!

I reset the time.
Stood there staring at it...
I know, I know... a watched pot never boils....
No... actually I realized that I hadn't unloaded my dishwasher yet.
So, I turned and walked away.

Suddenly... BOOM!
My microwave door flew open and scalding hot water spew out all over my floor.
Not kidding.

Not gonna lie... I screamed and a little cuss word might have slipped out.
I peaked around the microwave door sure that the pyrex bowl was going to be in a million little pieces... but it wasn't... and it was dry.
Dry, I tell you!!

I didn't understand how my kitchen floor could be wet and the bowl was dry???
So... of course, I Googled it. (yeah.. I Google everything!)

Here's what I found:
Boiling hot water needs somewhere for bubbles to form, and sometimes in a smooth container(like Pyrex) it can superheat. Then as soon as the liquid is disturbed, it can suddenly explode in a rush of steam.

The worst thing you can do is heat water in a microwave twice, because the first heating will clear out any tiny bubbles, meaning the second time through will be more likely to superheat it.

So... there you have it.
I made water explode! 
I wonder... how dangerous is sitting on your couch eating bonbons?  Cause obviously cleaning is too dangerous for me. :)


  1. Oh my Heck! Wow, I am glad you didn't get hurt. I think we should get cleaning declared too dangerous unless you have a permit. ;)

  2. Wow. So...if I ever clean my microwave, I won't use pyrex. Lesson learned. (I really, really need to clean least you made the attempt.)

  3. On the bright side, you provide a great example of what not to do. ;)

  4. This made me LOL. We appreciate your taking one for the team and giving us a tip that might just save a life! Very interesting, btw...


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