Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Guilty as charged

Remember my A+ student's accusation of me?

Well... I guess you could say I'm guilty.  Except she was a little off on her numbers, when I thought I didn't have any guys, I now  have 3 interested.

Feast or famine, I say.
Went on a date on Saturday, might have another this weekend. The third we are just at the talking stage.
Problem is... I might like more than one of them...

I realize that this is what the dating stage is all about... but I don't like it.
I call it the limbo stage.
Where I don't know the guys well enough to know whether or not I want to invest more time into them.
Really... I'm a one at a time kind of gal.
So, when I am presented with more than one guy at a time, I get overwhelmed.
I don't want to get it wrong.
I have gotten it wrong too many times.

I wish dating was easy...
...guess I'm not so much like those girls...

1 comment:

  1. I think it looks like fun. a challange so to speak.

    more than one and you can compare.

    Enjoy! be happy.
    cant wait to hear about your dates. : )


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