Friday, February 25, 2011

It MUST run in the Family

You want to know what makes me laugh?
I have been dealing with my oppositional defiant student all year, and he wears me completely thin.
He has made my blood boil.
He has made he an insomniac.
He has made me walk away from my class every day questioning if I can actually come back tomorrow.

I have a meeting with his grandma.

She says that she doesn't care what her cousin says...

She likes me ...She knows how much I care about her grandson, even if I didn't get along with her cousin.

I have no idea who her cousin is...
So, I state, "Should I know your cousin?"

"Oh! you know her!!" the grandma says nodding her head at me.
Then she drops the bomb.
Her cousin is the mom of the student that I went to court over last year.


This can't be "Luck of the Draw."

But despite what she was saying about her cousin... what I heard was that she liked me... and that her grandson liked me.  I'm hoping I don't have many more of their family members "like" me(or not)...

The last 2 years have been rough.

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