Friday, February 11, 2011

Since when am I THAT girl?

I have an A+ student(high schooler) come help in my classroom every afternoon.

When she began at the beginning of the year, she barely talked and acted nonchalant about everything I asked her to do.

I'm not stupid.

I know that in order to get a student to do something for you (and be happy about it) you must create a rapport with them (no matter their age.) So I asked about her world and I shared mine. She would tell about her dates... and I would tell about mine.

Today, when she arrived, I sent her to start a project that involved her writing my students' names on hearts. I got busy with my class.

All of a sudden, she was beside me, "So... what's the name of your new boy?"

Taken back, I said, "What? Which one? How do you know about that? ...I haven't even talked about the new guy I'm talking to."

Shaking her head, she said, "Your new student?"

"Oh." I chuckle. I tell her his name, but I sense some attitude as she walks away.

So I follow her and ask her "What's wrong?"

"You remind me of someone I hate...You're one of those girls!"

I must have looked shocked because she continued, "You're one of those girls that always has a date or a new guy... even when you don't think you have a new guy, you have two."

I laughed and explained that I only dated one guy before I dated and married my ex.

With her head bobble-heading from side to side, she replied, "It doesn't matter... You're still one of those girls now!"

She's right... in the 6 months that she has known me... I have been on a lot of dates.

I have another new one on Friday.
So I guess my question is... is being that girl a bad thing?

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