Friday, February 18, 2011

Friday Confessional


I confess...
I found myself smiling during a lesson yesterday... and realized that that hasn't happened in a long time.
My rough "class" this year has made it that I am doing well to just get through the lessons.  I don't have time for the fun things I normally do... I don't have time to smile.
I miss having time to smile.

I confess...
that having my oppositional defiant student making my principal feel threatened made my week.
Not because she was scared or because I want anyone to feel threatened.... but because she finally sees what I am dealing with on a daily basis.
That and I got 2 days of reprieve while he is on suspension. (hence the reason of my 1st confession)

I confess...
that I sometimes see the worst, but hope for the best.
One of my friends who is out on the dating scene had to leave dinner several times tonight because she felt nauseous. I think she might be pregnant. Here's hoping that it is just the flu.

I confess...
My ex, R. has a new girlfriend ...and I like her!
I really like her!
I sat next to her at my boys' basketball game Thursday night... I actually scooted over so she could have a spot.
I can tell she is a great mom, which means she is a good influence on my boys.
BUT I can tell she isn't trying to take my place...
and that makes me feel better about her.

 I confess...
that I make jokes about things that should make me crazy, or sad, or upset.
My dad sent me a blank Valentine's day card.
I told everyone that he said his feelings perfectly.

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  1. Sometimes you just have to confess,in order to get all the bad shit out. and be happy.

    Happy Monday


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