Thursday, February 24, 2011

Able to leap buildings in a single bound? well... maybe not, but I can get a classroom FULL of noisy kids quiet in 5 seconds

Life in my classroom is FINALLY starting to feel normal.
Sad that it had to take till February to feel this way.
It has been a week since my little "darling" got suspended.

Up until now, I felt helpless.

I had this horrible acting kid who made all my other kids act horrible and I was basically told to "work my magic" that I was good for those kids.

The thing is... when I went (at my wits' end) and expressed that I was in over my head with this one... all I got was "Well, that's how these type of kids are.  You can't always do what you have always done."

But now... I finally feel like I have been given my powers back.

Now ANY time he disrespects me in ANY way, I am to have him leave my classroom.

I feel like I'm superman and the kryptonite is no longer holding me back from saving the world.

Okay. Okay. I admit... I may not be "saving the world", but I do feel like I can actually get back to what I do best... teach.

I mean, had I wanted to be in law enforcement I would gone the whole way and had a car with flashing lights... or maybe a red cape.

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