Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sure...I can pencil you in

I tend to overbook myself... especially during the month of December.
When this day started, I knew I had a lot of places to be and a lot of people to see.
I thought I had planned accordingly.
Anyone that knows anything should know that life does not go as planned!

However, this day was so fulfilling to me that I wouldn't have changed all the craziness for anything.

It started out with me heading to my friend, Angela's, for a lovely bruncheon she had prepared for a small group of her friends (myself and 3 other gals she teaches with). While I was there,
Angela gave me some dating advice that only someone who has been in my shoes could give...
and I needed that.

Then I headed for coffee and our annual ornament exchange with 3 of my best friends that I taught with 10 years ago. We started to get together shortly after several of us left the school district that we all taught at together... and we have gotten together once a month ever since. These girls know everything about me.... the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Three out of the four of us are divorced. But we have been there for each other through marriage, the birth of our kids, divorce, and the WHOLE gamut of emotions and stress that comes with it all...along with every day life. It is always stressful to try to work around everyone's schedule to find the "perfect" time to get together... but it is always worth it!

After that, I was trying to decide what to do next.... and that is when I got a text from B.P.
(For a little background... you can go here and here.)

He asked me if I had plans for the evening and, if not, would I like to go to dinner. That he would like to sit down and explain to me everything... especially why he hadn't been in contact with me.

...After he told me he would no longer be contacting me in October, I made for sure not to be the one contacting him.
Sure... I thought of him....I prayed for him.... BUT I did not contact him!
B.P. and I had one of those deeper than normal relationship/friendships.
I knew I could tell him anything and he wouldn't judge....and vice-versa.
But because he wasn't ready... and because I didn't want to put my life on hold... I made sure I didn't contact him.
So when I got a text a week ago from him, I was happy, but still didn't put my life on hold.
Today, though, we he texted me he wanted to see me face-to-face to explain... I knew I had to make the time!

So... I headed up to see the new guy (the Professor). I had told him that I would drop by if I had time. He is headed home for the holidays Monday... so I wanted to see him before he left. Also, he knew I was going to be in town, so... long story short, I dropped by his place... we spent an hour being the complete and utter dorks that we are, and I headed on my way.

I, then, headed to see my aunt who just had surgery because of colon cancer. She looked great! It never ceases to amaze me how much she can talk. I say this out of love because I'm a talker. ... but my Aunt Janice can talk me out the door. I stayed for 2 hours and then decided she needed rest and would never get it with me there to talk to.

Then, I went to dinner with B.P. He explained everything. I'm not going to tell what he told me as he told me in confidence. Things that were fuzzy and didn't really make since before are now completely clear.
He is still clearly not ready to date, but he told me that when he is, he would want to date someone like me. I then told him I had gone on 2 dates with the Professor. He said he was happy for me... that he hopes good things happen for me. I told him that I would always be his friend... I think he knows I mean it.

I then came home and talked on the phone with the Professor for 2 hours.

Some of you might be upset by the fact that I went out and saw B.P.
Some of you might question if my intentions are pure with the Professor because I went to see B.P.
Some of you might just think I am down right crazy for fitting ALL of this into ONE Saturday.

...but despite what anyone thinks, I have had a awesome day with friends and family... and most importantly... I'm happy.
I'm happy to have friends that love me and give me great advice.
I'm happy to have life-long friends.
I'm happy to have skilled surgeons that keep my "talker" of an aunt alive and kickin'.
I'm happy to have "closure" and no longer have questions about B.P.
...and I'm happy to have a guy that likes me... that I actually like back.

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  1. Closure is good.
    Damn girl you do too much. : )

    Glad things are still going well with the "professor".

    Hope you have a great holiday.


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