Sunday, December 5, 2010

Cheese Bubblegum

I have been talking to a new guy.
It's funny because I had seen his profile, but I have made this new rule that on the dating websites, I'm not going to contact the men first. If they see me and are interested enough to contact me, then I will decided if I want to be interested back. No more chasing for me!

So... long story short, he emailed me.
Right off, I liked what I saw.
He's a professor. (I like me a smart man!)
He is my age. (I mean, you would think finding a guy in his mid-thirties really wouldn't be that hard... but it is!!)
He lives close by. (again... you wouldn't believe how hard this is!!)

After some emails, we decided to talk on the phone.
And, man, have we talked!!
The first time was for 40 minutes.
The next time was for 4 and a half hours. (Yes, I didn't type that wrong! 4 and a half!)
This last time 3 hours.

The weird thing is that we had so much in common!
...And there has yet to be a lull in the conversation.

*As kids, we both microwaved slices of cheese and made "cheese bubblegum".
I mean, really???... How random is that?

*We were both raised the same denomination.
I used to say this didn't matter... as long as they were a Christian.
But, I guess I'm becoming set in my ways.
I like my church... My ways.
I don't want to change.
So the fact that he is the same denomination does make a difference.

*After our parents divorced and our moms were single moms, we both moved in with our grandmothers.

*We both love pickles... I mean loooove!

*We both like to analyze dreams.
I told him that I had a dream with him in it last night.
The dream was that he had come to spend the night at my house and I had made a palette on the floor for him beside my bed out of blankets. The next morning I woke up and all the blankets were folded and he had left without saying good--bye. I was hurt.

He told me what he thought it meant. ...
He told me he thought that it meant that I want to allow someone (him?) into my life but my ultimate fear is that they will leave and I will get hurt.
He hit the nail right on the head.
I hadn't told him about all that I have been through... How that is my biggest fear.
It was kind of scary.

...That this person that doesn't "know" me, gets me.

Now... if this "attraction" can just last through the first date....


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  2. Hi Dawn,
    Am keeping my fingers crossed for you that it does.

    Hope your weekend was good.


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