Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I've heard of "Looks good on paper"

I went out on a date this past weekend.
I was disappointed...

Let me back up...
This guy was great in text.
For a week before our date, we emailed, IMed, and texted.
He was witty and knew how to banter - two things I love in a guy!
I was so excited for Saturday to roll around.

Then we met.
I waited for that witty guy to show up.
He didn't. Instead, I got an overly shy guy in his place.
When I would banter, he would turn bright red.
I couldn't get past that this was the same guy I had been texting.

When we went our separate ways, I got the witty guy back... in text.
Yeah... texting only does so much for me.


  1. Oh what a shame! Shy and honest is better than quiet and blushing. What a bummer.

    Wishing you better dates;-)

  2. I find that alot, in this new world of technology, that people can be one way as long as they arent in person.

    Unfortunately, what people get here in blog world from me is exactly who I am in real life.

    Probably even more abrasive. : (

    I wish I could find the right guy for you.



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