Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Does this Pie taste funny?

I was showing my brother some of the Vlog posts at Life Laugh Latte and had him watch this one about Grandma stories.

He then reminded me about a story of our grandma...

I need to do a little prefacing.
We lived with our grandma from 1982 till she died in 1987.
We loved her SO much... but we also gave her SUCH a hard time.

The story that Nick reminded me of was this...
We had a dog.
We would put food or scraps in empty aluminum pie plates to take out to the dog.
One evening my brother opened a can of dog food, spread it out in a pie pan, and walked off (to get the dog's water dish) leaving it on the stove.
When Nick returned, there stood my grandma with fork in hand tasting the dog food.
"What are you doing!!??" Nick shouted.
"Trying do figure out what kind of pie this is... it tastes funny."

Yeah... it's gross, but that story makes us laugh every time!!

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  1. that is too funny. thank you for the laugh.
    I needed one today.


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