Friday, December 10, 2010

The Stomping of the feet...Holiday party 2010

They came.
We joked.
We laughed.
Tales of last year's party swirled around.
We told stories that would never be would never be told... at least not at our normal meeting place.
It sounds like a cuss word here.
A place we would like to forget... at least for this evening.
That place that ties us altogether.
The sights and sounds of the day forgotten.
Forgotten as we sit in the glow of the tree lights.
Forgotten as we eat, and laugh, and share.
Discussion is paused.
We do this for two scared little ones... scared of the noises they hear down below.
I explain it is just the stomping of our feet up here... nothing to be scared of.
I stomp my feet on the floor to show them.
Four little legs run down the stairs waiting to hear the pounding.
"Again!" They yell.
We, adults, laugh at the absurdity of this, yet everyone joins in.
Stomping again and again... and again.

Then it is time to compare ugliness... in sweater form.
We do this once a year.
Just for a good laugh.
Anything for a good laugh.
That and to see who actually agrees with your definition of ugly.
My form of ugliness won this year.
Doilies seem to win.
They just shouldn't be part of an outfit.
$1.50 well spent!

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