Saturday, June 26, 2010

Make Mine a Double

Let me just tell you... I don't tend to do things, difficult things, by themselves.

I'm not even sure I would go as far to say I plan to add stress upon an already stressful situations. It just seems to happen that way for me.... Time, after time, after time.

For example...
*I got a new job, moved into our first house, got married, and graduated college all in the same week.

*I had my second child and closed on our house all in the same day.

So, why I thought that I could schedule Colby's tonsils to be removed and have nothing else going on... I must have been crazy!

Monday night, Sam ran a fever. The boys were with R.(my ex) and he said it was low grade - no biggie. My fear was that it was a virus and with Colby having surgery scheduled for Wednesday, he would get sick and not be able to go through with it.

On Tuesday evening, Sam's face began to swell. I took him to the medic-quik. They decided it was an abscessed tooth and prescribed some antibiotics. We scheduled a dental appointment for Wednesday.

By Wednesday morning (Colby's surgery day), Sam's right side was so swollen that he could barely open his eye.

It was so hard not being able to focus on both boys! But I had been the one that had gone through the training so I could be with Colby before his surgery, so the choice was already made.

At 6:30 am, they took Colby & I back to the "get ready" room. Colby got on his gown and his sterile(recycled) socks.

And then proceeded to watch cartoons.

The sterile suit they give the parents to wear is called a "bunny suit"... so to humor my son's request, I wore these:

Yes, I even acted like a bunny for him!

At 8:00, Colby and I headed back to the pre-op room. Colby was excited!! He couldn't wait to eat ice cream, and ice cream and more ice cream! I decided talking about the things that were to come would keep his mind off of what would come sooner rather than later.

At 8:30, they realized that the liquid "get sleepy" medicine that Colby was supposed to get in the "get ready" room hadn't been given.

At 8:50, they brought him the liquid "get sleepy" medicine. (I was starting to wonder what kind of production they were running here... because shortly thereafter, they couldn't find his "allergy band" that was supposed to have been put on in the "get ready" room as well. (I found it laying under the covers on Colby's bed.) Yes, they thoughts of "...And these people are going to be cutting on my son soon??" did cross my mind. But thankfully, I know enough about hospitals to know the people in the "get ready" area are not the same ones as in the "take out the tonsils" area.)

At around 9:05, Colby's "get sleepy meds kicked in. He lay there smiling all goofy. Then he said, "Mom, I lllllllllllllllllll."
"Colby, I love you too."
"I know son. I love you too! Don't strain yourself. I know you love me."

Shortly there after, Colby was out.

At 9:35, the hospital fire alarms went off.
At 9:50, the nurse came and told us that we were up next, but they were waiting for all areas to be cleared.

At 10:25, a pre-op nurse realized we were still there. She called and found out the the anesthesiologist had been taken into another case and they were waiting on him.

At 10:45, Colby woke from his "sleepy medicine" slumber. He looked at me, smiled, and said, "Oh... I'm done." which I had to tell him repeatedly for the next 15 minutes, "No, sweetheart, you haven't had your surgery yet."

At 11:00, Colby got wheeled in for surgery. (did I mention we arrived at the hospital at 6 am??)

At 11:05, I walked to the waiting room, only to find out that R. had taken Sam to the dentist and they were waiting to hear from him.

At 11:15, I got called into the consultation room to meet with the doctor. My heart sank into my stomach. Had something gone wrong? Were there complications? My head was swirling... I mean it had only been 15 minutes since I watch them knock him out again.

At 11:18, our doc walked through the door. Smiling he said, "He did great!"

By 11:45, Colby was fully awake and eating ice cream and jello and that is when I got the call from R . that they had sent him on to a oral surgeon. He needed my dental card and for me to come sign the consent form. (Again, why do things have to happen in multiples??)

I left all the grandparents with Colby. (Yes, that was a hard decision!) and headed down the road to Sam.

Once I arrived, the oral surgeon said he wanted to get Sam's tooth out ASAP! But then he found out Sam had had milk (while in the waiting room at the hospital) and said the surgery would have to wait until the morning.

By this time, Colby had been discharged from the hospital. So we loaded up both boys and headed to R's house.

Thursday morning, we were all up early again. This time for Sam.
Sam was in excruciating pain!

Sam (luckily) was the first patient of the day. We walked back. Set him in the chair. He was out within 5 minutes. We walked into the waiting room and 5 minutes later the doc came and told us Sam was done. (Wham-Bam-Thank you mam! Completely different from the long waiting the day before!)

So, by no means, had I planned to have double surgeries going on this week! Maybe in the future, I should just go ahead and plan to "make mine a double" before fate does it for me.

Now... after all this... I think maybe I should make mine a double.... cause heaven knows 2 bed-ridden kids aren't going to be fun!!!

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  1. The only good thing about that is that you got them all out of the way at once.


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