Monday, May 4, 2009

Happy 4th birthday Sam!

Today is my other beautiful boy's birthday. Sam is a completely different cookie than his older brother Colby...and I love him for it ~He has a persistency like no other.

Sam from the start wanted this world to know that he was present and came full force. I knew 2 weeks in, that I was pregnant. In the womb, Sam would kick Colby when he was sitting on my lap. You can laugh...but those kicks were always so much stronger than ones when I didn't have Colby around. I used to say that was Sam's way of ensuring he had a place in this world before he even got here.

I also had pre-term contractions with Sam. I was put on bedrest from week 28-36. And even though I wasn't ever sure if Sam was going to stick it out in the womb the entire 40 weeks, he came only one day before his due date.

On the morning of May 4th, I headed to my doctor's appt. that was scheduled at 10 am. My doc checked me and said I was already at a 4 cm dilated and that he wanted to break my water and send me over to the hospital. He (rhetorically) asked me, "You don't have anything to do today do you?"
My response was NOT what he expected! I said, "Actually... we are supposed to close on our house today...and I would REALLY like to sign those papers." Because it was just a few blocks away, he gave me permission, but told me to hurry back to the hospital.

When I walked into the title company and asked if I could sign the closing papers early, they asked why. I said, "Cause... I am in labor." They started to freak out on me and wanted me to go to the hospital NOW! I told them not until I closed on my house. I'm sure that was the fastest closing in history~ I didn't read a single thing.
Our realtor (a single guy) was worried I wouldn't make it back to the hospital when I had to keep stopping to breathe through the contractions. I made it though!

I stopped off at Steak n' Shake for a milk shake before heading back to the hospital, since I knew I wouldn't be fed once I arrived at the hospital :) (I know, I know...priorities. :) I arrived back to the hospital shortly before noon.

Robbie had been at a baseball meeting and I couldn't get a hold of him since he had his phone shut off. So, I had everyone at his school scrambling to find #'s to get him the message.

Unlike Colby's birth, with the first twinge real pain I got an epidural. I decided I didn't want to go through that kind of pain again! By 3:30, I was ready to push~ but we had promised Marie (Robbie's mom) that she could be there for the birth and she hadn't arrived yet. So...I held off till she got there and then (just like Colby) I gave 2 nice pushes and Sam arrived into this world.

He, too, was a beautiful baby. The nurses thought I was crazy because right after, I was up wandering around, watching them bathe Sam, and chatting with everyone . I was just an excited mom of two!

Sam had a completely disposition than Colby. Sam was reserved. He saved his smiles for me, Colby, and Marie. He didn't want anyone but close family to hold him. It was a blessing and a curse all in one~ especially when others wanted to enjoy & hold our new bundle.

Sam has always had the most expressive facial expressions. I wish I could have had a camera on him 24/7.

As Sam continues to get older, he has slowly loosened his quiet reservations. He will be around others, other than family members. He still has his strong-will though...and until he has made up his mind, he won't do whatever you are asking.

I know that his persistence will get him far one day. He is not a people pleaser like his Mom... and I love him for that!

Happy birthday my wonderful boy!

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