Thursday, June 17, 2010

I might have frost bite by the morning

I finally have air!!!

For those of you that need the back story...
My fan belt to my ac in my car decided to go. It being a 12 year old car that will soon be put to rest, I chose not to have it fixed.

Then... in attempts to try to conserve on my energy bill, I didn't turn on my air conditioner until Memorial Day weekend... and then it didn't work. :(

I waited two days in the smoldering heat only to find out that it was the compressor.

A few days after that, I found out that it was under warranty (yea!) but the model was discontinued, so I still had to pay. (boo!)

You don't realize until you don't have air how draining it is not to have it.

I was tired all the time. (Mainly because I tossed and turned at night because I was so flippin' hot!)

I was constantly covered in a layer of sweat and that sweaty, sticky feeling never went away.
I would take cold showers to cool down, only to step out of the shower and be completely drenched with sweat again in minutes.

...and my attitude!
Seriously! All of the other teachers were like, "Oh, doesn't the sunshine feel wonderful today?" And I would be like, "How long till we go inside?"

They so did not understand! Until I finally said, This is the only reprieve I get all day! Here at school! Please. please. PLEASE! can we go inside??!!!"

Today, the compressor finally came in and was installed.
I drove home in my hotter than hell car... but when I arrived home...Ahhhhh... wonderfully beautiful, comforting, relaxing air!

Yeah... I'm gonna sleep good tonight!


  1. Im so happy to hear. Just in time for the weekend too. ; )

    Even though I LOVE the heat, and my air at home is set at 79. I don't like to be sooooo hot that I cant breath.

  2. I feel your pain. I do not do well in the heat. I always have a fan going. I'm glad that you got your ac at home fixed tho. Kind of suspicious that your unit was discontinued. They still make parts for old water heaters and air conditioners.

  3. Been there. That first blast of cool air is the best!

  4. Ugh, I can't sleep being hot at all... I totally understand your pain! I'm currently looking at houses and a lot of them out here don't have A/C... I just don't understand.

    So glad you got yours fixed!!


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