Monday, June 14, 2010

Tooth be told

SupahMommy is having a contest... to tell your best tooth tale.

What you should know about me is I am competitive, VERY competitive!

I think this competitiveness comes from having 3 brothers... and not having the luck to just win things randomly... so I must compete!

I really don't remember losing most of my teeth....The only one I do remember is my first one.

We had just moved to Missouri. I really was proud of having a loose tooth, but I wasn't quite ready for it to come out.

So, there it dangled my mouth a thread.

I kept it that way for days.

Finally, my mother had had enough. She told me she couldn't handle seeing my tooth swinging to and fro any longer.

(Looking back, my mom played dirty. I didn't realize it then... but now I do! )

My mom made mashed potatoes for supper.

As a kid, mash potatoes were my favorite!

My mom called us all in for supper, but then told me I wasn't allowed to eat.


One thing my mom had never did was deny us was food when it was meal time.

She said, "I would hate for you to swallow your tooth with your mash potatoes and not have it to give to the tooth fairy."

Literally, I was in the bathroom for 2 seconds. One twist and it was out.

I'm not sure how much play the tooth fairy had in my decision... but the mash that wasn't something to be messing around with!!


  1. Wow that is quite a tooth tale. : )

    I cant remember that far back. I suppose if I tried really hard I might remember a story about my kids teeth. But hell, that requires to much brain cells today. ; )

  2. Lol!! Mashed potatoes


  3. I can't remember losing any of my teeth...I do distinctly remember the cute little tooth fairy pillow my mom made for me...still kicking around somewhere, complete with blood stains in the pocket :p


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