Sunday, June 27, 2010

How long has this been going on?

Colby awoke crying last night while I was still up.
I picked him up and asked him what was wrong.

He was shaking!

I asked him if he was cold or scared.

"Scared," he croaked out.
"Scared of what?" I asked.
"Don't let my feet touch the ground!"

He all but crawled up onto my shoulders.

I went and sat with him in the recliner.
His jaw jumped and I watched him scan the room.
His body curled in a tight ball with his feet up under him.

I started to rock him and told him that it was just a dream, nothing to be afraid of.
His eyes closed and soon he was still.

I'm almost positive he was never awake.

I wonder now how often he has these dreams... as I have found him on the couch several times lately...


  1. Poor guy :( Dreams can be scary sometimes. I'm suer he's glad you were there for him.

  2. My daughter has dreams like that and she sleepwalks. I did the same thing when I was little. I hate it for her. Can he remember what is dream was about?

  3. Hey, Dawn, read my e-mail.

  4. If he was dreaming, I wondder who he thought he was talking to. Someone in his dream.


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