Sunday, November 22, 2009

Yeah...I'm just a little competitive ~My first 5k

Yesterday morning I ran in my first 5K. It was awful exhilarating! Yes, my time was by no means fast - 40.37. But I was told that you have to start somewhere.

(This is where I wanted to have a really cool picture of me running, but who really wants to see me red-faced and sweaty?)

I by no means finished first...but I also didn't finish last either. Truly that was my goal...not to finish last. Oh!...and to beat Spencer to the finish line. Let me clarify for all of you that don't know Spencer and I. He runs. I don't. He also bikes and swims. I don't. He has told he is okay with the fact that I am not uber athletic. Yet, I still like to try (a little).

So when I say I wanted to beat him, I didn't want to beat him in distance for distance, time for time. No, there is NO way in H-E-double hockey sticks that could have happened! But I still needed to beat him back to the finish line. I was running a 5K. He was running a 10K.

I did it....just barely.

See before we left, I asked him how much time it would take him to run the 10K. He told me, "Eh, 45-50 minutes." That was all the info I needed. Without fail, I knew I would be back to that finish line before 45 minutes. I didn't care how hard I had to push myself. I didn't care if I had to crawl sprint across that finish line. Spencer finished the 10K in 51 minutes. This was by no means his fastest time. But it didn't matter, in my mind, I won. :)

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