Monday, November 23, 2009

I swear I wasn't looking...OR I've still got it!

This weekend we took Spencer's kids to a birthday party at the skating rink.

Now if you think I am getting ready to tell you I laced up the skates and went at it...I am not. Not that I can't! Just not this weekend I couldn't. Remember I ran that 5k? Remember I can barely move? Yeah...any other time I would be all about that skating rink showing off my stuff - so instead, we sat in the designated party area with all of the other parents.

Spencer and I sat on the same side of the bench so we could people watch...
hey, (shrugging shoulders) it's what we do.

At the next table over, there was a dad at another birthday party. He had asked me to borrow a pen. I loaned him one. Then Spencer pointed out to me that his cell phone was about to fall out of his pocket. (I'm one of those people that you can't give little bits of info like that to and expect me to just sit on it.) I go to lean over and tell the guy. Spencer stops me. He says the guy will figure it out when he stands up or when it fall out, whatever comes first.

That's great and all...but this meant that I kept catching myself looking over repeatedly to see if the phone had fallen yet.

Somehow, this sent the message that I was interested.


When Spencer walked off for a minute, the guy asked me if I was dating the guy I was with.

"Oh...well....then I guess I won't ask for your number then, huh?"

I guess I could have left it at that, but I wanted the guy to know there had been a reason I kept staring his direction. (Not having anything to do with attraction.) So I explained.

I really wanted to say, "I wasn't checking out your junk"...but I think he got the message without my added bonus of words.

Guess I really need to pay attention to who I watch, where I watch, and for how long.

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  1. Oh, yeah. You've still got it! You go, girl!


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