Thursday, November 26, 2009


I have to honestly say that Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday.

Growing up, this day meant a table that got the sleeves put in and then could easily sit 12. We always had LOTS of family and ANY friends that didn't have somewhere else to go. This was also the day that the fine china and a full place setting came out. It was something to look forward to. Everyone helped out in getting everything ready. I'm sure at the time, I (as a child) did not find this appealing about that day, but now I look back at it fondly.

After my mom died, Thanksgiving wasn't the same. No "home" to go to. After I got married, I decided that my house was going to be what my mom's had always been... and it was.

Last year with being divorced being a new thing, my ex and I spent it together still with both of our families all at my house. I'm sure it was a little strange all the way around. But that is how we had always done Thanksgiving, and it was hard to break from the norm.

Things are different this year. This year other people are involved in both of our lives. Our children have multiple families that are vying for their attendance. So, today, the day my house should be jammed packed with everyone I know and love, sits empty.

My boys are with their dad celebrating with his girlfriend's family. I am celebrating with Spencer's fam. Then tomorrow my brother and his wife will come to my house and we will celebrate together.
Not the BIG celebrating of the past...but I guess it will do.

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  1. I was thinking about you before this holiday, wondering if you had the boys or not. Bummer. We were at Jean's, and Rich's were the only other ones there. It felt weird knowing that half of the Farmer siblings and Joan were somewhere else. (Of course, with Rich's family, the house is never empty! You should invite them next year. Your house would be full!) :)


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