Sunday, November 15, 2009

Mental Block

As I was out at recess duty on Friday, I got a text from Spencer mentioning his boss and his boss's wife's name. Without thinking, I read it aloud to my co-worker/friend(M.).

Her jaw drops.

She stares at me.

"You are friends with her?" she asks dumbfounded.

"Yeah, on She is Spencer's boss's wife. Why?" I ask.

"I just never thought you would be friends with HER!" M says.

"What?!! You don't even know her. She lives in Texas. What's the big deal?" I ask completely confused.

M. looks at me as if I have totally lost my mind. "Is that NOT the same name as the person R.(my ex) had an affair with?"

It takes me more than a few seconds to file through my brain for her name. It's not a name I pull up often. Yep. Same name.

Funny how our mind mentally blocks things that could potentially hurt us.

....Wishing now that observation was never brought to my attention.

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