Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Fruit of Knowledge ...or the Knowledge of Fruit

I haven't updated lately on Sam's skin condition mainly because it is no longer Sam's is now Colby's :(

We successfully froze off Sam's last bump at his last dermatologist appointment. Unfortunately Colby "caught" them from Sam before they were gone.

For those of you that don't know what I am talking about, read here and here.

Recently I had a friend talk to a doctor who is a friend of hers about Sam's condition. My friend described in detail all that I had told her and she had seen (of Sam's bumps). The doctor said that she knew exactly what she was describing...and that this condition is becoming more and more prevalent. She said that this condition is something that runs through the bloodstream but appears outwardly. (We already knew that...our dermatologist had told us that.)

But then she shared some info that we had NOT heard before. She said that not everyone (doctor-wise) believes this... (and it would scare the mass population) so it is not widely shared... but that it is the pesticides on fresh fruits and vegetables that is exposing itself outwardly from running through the bloodstream. She said this condition appears more in children than in adults because they have not had a chance to build up an immunity to the pesticides.

Now...I'm not a person that believes everything just because someone says it is true, but it did peek my interest...because these are my children we are talking about here. So I have been doing a little research (okay...which has included a LOT of reading). What I have found is that many pesticides that the US has banned are still being used in other countries... and guess what??...these are the countries that we import fruit from. Does this seem stupid to anyone else?

I mean they have gone as far as creating a "Dirty Dozen" list of fruits and vegetables that contain the highest levels of pesticides. At least 8 out of these 12, I feed my children weekly. Boy, do I feel stupid!

I guess, I grew up in a farming community where we grew all of our fruits and veggies that these things never concerned me growing up. My eyes are opening.

The doctor also told my friend to tell me that ALL fruits and vegetables should be washed with a vinegar and water wash whether you eat the peeling or not, especially fruits like bananas because people think..."I'm not eating the peeling, it will be fine." but it is not, it is NOT fine. Here is a list of 47 different fruits and vegetables and their pesticide "score".

I am still looking into this and researching it as much as possible and I will continue to attach any links that I find that might be helpful. I'm sure this is NOT new news to some of you...but it is a good reminder all the same. Just think... we could be lessening toxins entering our bodies with an easy fix like vinegar and water.

here are just some of the sites that I read:

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